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Purchase Currency

The most clever, safe, and cost-effective way to carry Buy money. Having some cash on hand is usually advantageous. You can use the leftover funds on your prepaid multi-currency card for POS payments. CDH Forex cards offer faultless interbank prices, no hidden fees, and no commissions. Foreign money can also be purchased from any Authorized Dealer. Along with authorized dealers, full-service money changers (FFMCs) can provide foreign currency for both official and non-official travel. It is normally advisable to depend on such experienced players for currency exchange.

Currency should be sold.

As international currency specialists, we have years of experience. We have been doing money exchange in Delhi for a long time. We give the best Sell currency in Delhi, far superior to that supplied by banks, airports, or other dealers. The current exchange rate in exact currency will be displayed on the CDH Forex website. You may either receive the money in cash when you sell the currency or have it deposited directly to your bank account. Exchange rates might fluctuate depending on the status of the market. By keeping a check on the rates, you can sell it that day if you obtain the best conversion rate.

Travel Card

A foreign currency card that makes traveling abroad easier and more convenient. It is a suitable chip-based card that stores private and encrypted data. It gives you a convenient and safe method to travel with cash. You may instantly make payments in a range of foreign currencies with CDH Forex Prepaid Cards. Browse our Forex Prepaid Cards to find the perfect travel companion for all of your international adventures.

Send Money Internationally

Because of the introduction of our fully online remittance procedure, you may now perform all tasks on the CDH Forex platform online. You may now send money abroad from the comfort of your own home. International money transfers may be performed in minutes with CDH Forex. The technique is quick and simple to carry out. You can send money from India to other countries for purposes such as tuition, supporting family members overseas, paying for their medical requirements, making foreign investments, or sending anything as a gift.